Ymani S.

on assignment  to pluto

as aspiring Anansi

hay love, I'm gonna see if they'll let me bring my B.U.G.s on the trip ;)

Just a heads up in case they may run interference.

Any communications sent to the mother planet Earth, on our end, leaves no trace almost as if we never sent it. A few Martians have also reported getting no confirmation of contact from earth as of 39 PRD prior to this anomaly being recorded from the Pluto Outpost

Anomaly Number 5892: Ghosted
This anomaly is ongoing as of 89 PRD (Pluto's rotational days) 

Report - Ongoing

Ymani S. 18:37

Ymani S. 18:38

Ymani S. 18:47

Thank you Mx. the preparation will start immediately.

Ymani S. 18:39

With your approval I can take a small crew to investigate its continuation when ever possible

Guion B.Xth 18:45

Well done. Keep us updated and good luck on your voyage Salsola.

Ymani Salsola

to Guion Bluford the Xth

Anomaly Report: Anomaly Number 5892