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I have this nagging feeling that I’m supposed to be messaging someone but Idk why I hope that Somebody can tell me when we see each other next​

OOH Now I really want to know where this thing came from and why does it scare everyone away. What the fuck is wrong with Mars​

I found these weird writings. I think they’re from earth. Idk anything other then it might be from before the Android Agreements. It's like one of those time capsule things my great aunts love to talk about.​ ≧ω≦

When I mentioned this thing to them they all got weirdly quiet. There's something wrong with it and I don’t think it has to do with Earth so much we might be looking in the wrong place.

She said she's never seen something like it. so it could be hella old. Maybr the aunty's know someting? they where librarians during the plagues right?


yeah I'll ask when I call them this weekend

wish me luck (ㆆ_ㆆ)


and with that red ass flag i say to get rid of it or put it back where you find it and hope you're not cursed 

hay maybe one of them'll let you talk this time


Mars has such pretty blue sunsets. Hay Somebody if you get this you should visit Mars. The sunsets look like Earth pools.  I could swim in it forever

Ray that's not funny you done respond for weeks and then try to pull this shit really?

Ray as you friend i gotta tell you to STOP MESSING WITH THE CREEPY BOX!! Your aunts have seen a lot of shit and if that box scares them you should LISTEN TO THEM!

But I'm so close ಥ_ಥ

I think It might have to do with all of those old Mars Rovers in the 1900s. It's like its calling to me

then hang the hell up. please I'm worried

your worried that I might jumped the gun but I'm not. I decided to visit my aunts on Mars I'll toss the box


what is this I can’t remember why I came. I can't check most of my messages but i can check this  did something happen

Sorry for being a drag I just don't trust that thing. If it was a part of the first mars expeditions we'd have record of it on Pluto but i couldn't find anything on it and panicked

please don't be mad

Ray this isn't funny

Yooo! that things funky lookin let me ask if Alder knows anything about it.

_05/18/3450 _

_02/05/3450 _

_02/09/3450 _

_02/29/3450 _

messages lost

_03/25/3450 _

_03/29/3450 _

_04/01/3450 _

Ray? why is that familiar? who are you?

_05/19/3450 _



Message Failed

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